Words and music by Mike Tidwell, © 2012

They’ll be cheering and shoutin’ when we make land,
No thinkin’ of Nellie Dear.
We’re saucy bright sailors with pockets of gold,
We’ll be roarin’ the rafters with cheer!

She bore down from the windward for more than a day,
When we saw the black colors she wore.
The Captain yelled, “Boys, we’re in for a fight.”
“But none of our riggin’ is torn!”

And it’s heave ho, and away we go!
In the Doldrums we’re makin’ our way.
And the good ship is rollin’ and tossin’ and turnin’,
But we’re bound for Bengal Bay, me boys,
We’re bound for Bengal Bay!

We trimmed her up good and we pointed her well,
And the sea did part for our way.
The boltropes are strong and we’ll soon be of song.
We’ll lose her at the end of the day!

As the angry see rolls and the sailor does pine,
We think of our loves once again.
The days are much shorter but the nights linger on.
But we’re on our way back home!

Six hundred bright guineas is what we’ll be paid,
When our good ship returns back home.
We’ll wash off the tar and shine up, dear lads.
With our sweethearts Fair London we’ll roam.