Words and music by David Lovrien © 2011 Lovebird Music (ASCAP)

Gather round and I’ll tell you a story
of a handsome and strapping young lad.
It’s a ballad, an Irish ballad,
so it’s happy and… Irish, and sad.
In this ballad-y song you can all sing along
as I tell of his travels and then,
after stories of glory it gets a bit gory
and he ends up dead by the end.

So… let’s drink to our gallant young hero
But be real and let us not pretend.
He’s the star of an Irish ballad, so
you know he’ll be dead by the end.

His parents were Ernest and Thankful;
o’er their hearth hung a cross made of wood.
Though they worked themselves sore they were desperately poor
but they raised him the best that they could.
He was widely adored; he won every award
All the folks in the town called him friend
But all that potential is inconsequential
’cause he ends up dead by the end.

Now our boy he set out for to tackle the world
Make his mark, seek his fortune and fame.
He set things in motion and crossed the great ocean
A moth to America’s flame.
He soon had a house, a good job and a spouse
And 2.1 children to tend.
He was doing quite well as you no doubt can tell
for a guy who’ll be dead by the end…

One day on the street, shadows grew at his feet
As he bent down to re-tie his lace
He looked up – but too late – and resigned to his fate
As a grand piano fell on his face.
Though his wife was undone she impressed everyone
“With his death,” she said, “I can contend…
‘Cause he cashed in his chips with a tune on his lips
And we all end up dead by the end!”