Words and music by David Lovrien © 2009 Lovebird Music (ASCAP)

He was new to the high school that fall
When he first saw her face in the hall
He joked and she smiled
His young heart it went wild
And she waited for him to call.

Soon the homecoming dance had drawn near
And he finally conquered his fear.
He asked her to go
She said yes, and then no
But at last when she did appear

He walked up and said,
“Dance with me, take a chance with me,
We’ll go waltzing the night away.
Underneath all these starry lights with your hand in mine.
Won’t you please put the test to me, see the best of me?
Here I’m waiting – what do you say?
It’s only a dance and play at romance
Won’t you show me a hopeful sign?”

He had touched a new place in her heart
And they kissed but then drifted apart
Their lives each ascended
Their hearts broke and mended
And each made a brave new start.

One day fate let them meet once again
And their love was rekindled and when
On one bright Christmas Eve
As she started to leave
He dropped to one knee and said,

“Will you please come and dance with me, take a chance with me?
Let me show you my love each day
And we’ll walk down the path of life with your hand in mine.
Will you please put the test to me, see the best of me?
Let me kiss all your fears away.
It’s never too late, let our friends celebrate
As our hearts and our worlds combine.

Joined together they traveled the years
Filled with memories and brass souvenirs
They had music and magic
And times sad and tragic
Their love grew through smiles and tears.

But they didn’t have time for goodbyes
When he passed on that day in July
But that night as she slept
In her dream and she wept
He walked up and he dried her eyes

And his voiced whispered,
“Hush now my wife, O love of my life,
My time has come; I must go
To a place where my boundless love for you shines like the sun.
I’ve settled my bets and I have no regrets
My dreams all fulfilled but one –
To meet you out there in the hereafter where
Our love song has just begun.

Won’t you please take a chance with me, come and dance with me,
In my arms through the end of time?
And we’ll glide through the Great Beyond with your hand in mine.
When you join me we’ll fly over Mars and be one with the stars
A universe to explore
Our sparkling eyes will light up the skies and shine on forever more.”