Words and music by M. Tidwell © 2002 Sierra Snow Publishing

The last time I saw her she was wavin’ goodbye,
Her roses were all in bloom.
I was cursin’ the day in my own silly way,
Filled with a deep-seated gloom.

My heart was torn by a thousand thorns,
I wiped away the sweat of the day.
As I grabbed the front door, I tried to implore.
“Don’t go” was all I could say.

I’ll hold on. But I won’t be afraid to run.
I’ll hold on. I’ll be there with the mornin’ sun.

This life’s been a hard one, arduous at times,
But the valley I live in is green.
There’s sun and there’s shade, there’s a price to be paid.
I think you all know what I mean.

Sometimes in the night, there’s a flicker of light,
Cascading down from the glen.
I miss her so badly, I think of her madly,
She’ll be back but I don’t know when.

It was ten years ago that I lost my love,
The visions return to this day.
I’ve cried the tears of an ocean of love,
Her spirit talks to me this way.